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    Hi there, my name is Christian and I am a generalist. That means I commonly get described as "a pretty good coder for a neuroscientist" or "having great rhythm for a white guy" or "fairly strong for such a skinny man" or my personal favorite, "surprisingly well-adjusted for an academic". In other words, I'm an exception (though not necessarily exceptional). I live in San Francisco and work in the Stanford Cognitive Systems and Neuroscience Lab as a post-doctoral fellow. I like working with industry, and right now I'm enjoying studying the effects of this really cool behavior modification system and also maintain a data management service for the behavioral sciences known as the dataserf. At this point in my life, science and software are my foci, but I have many other interests, such as playing bass, rock climbing, crossfit, nature photography and the stock market (particularly the biotech sub-sector). The purpose of this page is to amalgamate all of these things to see where they do (or don't) intersect.

New stuff

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